Marvin Gaye, Black Lives Matter, Kenny Chesney, Jefferson Davis, up in here — up in here.

2Peace in the pine’s.

Source: Marvin Gaye, Black Lives Matter, Kenny Chesney, Jefferson Davis, up in here — up in here.


What is hidden in the dark, will be revealed in the light.

3 dead, 19 injured
2 dead, 10 injured
2 children killed by
Mother leaves child in woods
Woman attacked by
Man attacked by
Teens video tape drowning boy
The next day, blood is washed from streets and homes, cars are towed to salvage yards, tombstones are carved, tears dry on pillows and life moves on. And the only condolence I have is that there will be a day of reckoning. For both the aggressors and the victims, life will end — eventually. Whether you believe in God , heaven and hell or not — I don’t think anyone wants to close their eyes in this life to open them in another where unrepentant murderers, rapist, lunatic leaders of countries and hater’s are knocking on our doors and asking to borrow sugar.
It sometimes feels impossible to conquer hatred. It’s neither as hard OR as easy as I rationale. Where can I begin as one person? Forgive them already, right now, today. Pray sincerely for them and — search myself to make sure I am not contributing to the division. Am I fanning the flames of discord? Last year in a public venue I came into contact with a racist and supremacist, I shirked and quietly retreated away. I believe their views alarmed me and maybe I was a little scared — violence possibly the second finger on the hand of hatred. I do wish now that I had said something back.
Prejudice and racism are alive and well in ALL communities. Black/White, White/Black, fence/no fence, Democrat/Republican, South/North, paper/plastic, Tiger’s/Gamecocks — okay I went too far, you get the picture though.
I look around my county, children gather of all races together in de-segregated schools to live and learn together for 7 hours a day only to be let off the buses into segregated communities. I passed a little neighborhood AME church recently that was having a cookout and wondered silently. “Would they be offended if this white girl came walking up to dine with them?” I wonder if the all white church will change it’s message if a African/American family came in and took up a pew, or visa versa?
I pray for the courage to call it what it is when and where I see it, bring it into the light, not just once, but as many times as it confronts me.
I took this pic of slave cabins at Mansfield Plantation, an idyllic plantation in Georgetown. Idyllic indeed — but for a human price. This brilliant sun beam shone down through the moss on our beautiful post Civil War morning the same way it did a hundred and fifty years ago when slaves gathered in this very dwelling to worship. There IS a constant, and it’s NOT us. It’s in HIS light that darkness shudder’s and must go away.

The Medicine Man’s War Bonnet goes home

We all know that deja vu is the phenomenon of having sensations that an event or experience currently being experienced has already been experienced in the past. I would like to call this story my Zenja vu. I felt the ancestral tug of my minuscule Indian blood when I saw this headdress and yet was very present in the moment with it like I was supposed to be here.

Source: The Medicine Man’s War Bonnet goes home